Certificate No. 403881


The DESIGN of the Foldaway Doors are executed with a state of the art computer aided design software developed jointly with EEG (Europe Etudes Gecti) Asia. Given basic data input the Computer Design Software generates output design based on :















· BS 5950 : Part 1 for member strength
· BS 5400 : Part 3 for U Frame Action
· BS CP3 Chapter V Part 2 for Wind Loading.









Door maufacture at a covered factory with state of the art equipment.












Doors finishes vary from Colorbond Corrugated steel Sheets, Glass, Timber doors, Sandwiched panels to Wire Mesh finish depending on the aesthetics’ called for.











BREMEN Foldaway Doors are suitable for us in openings up to 27 meters in width for Warehouses, Bomba Stations, Airport & Port Cargo Buildings, Industrial Buildings and any other wide span application.